Monday, September 21, 2009

Why Yes, I Would Like an Awesome New Purse for Free.

Anyone who really knows me knows this: I am not a girly girl. I don't wear makeup unless it's a special occasion. I don't usually do anything with my hair beyond washing it. I don't have pierced ears, and do not plan on piercing them. And I do NOT carry purses.

Not surprisingly, I know myself pretty well. So imagine my surprise with myself when upon reading the morning's post over at Daddy Likey, I was delighted by the opportunity to win an amazing handbag from Handbag Heaven. No joke guys, this about made my day.

And after perusing their online store, you couldn't blame me.

For one of these bags, I would LOVE to become a purse-carrying lady. I would carry that bag EVERY DAY for goodness' sake! (I had to add the middle bag because I just found it hilarious)
Who knows? If I had a nice bag, I might be motivated to start dressing nicer, too.

Want in on the action? Head over to the Daddy Likey post, and leave a comment!


Katie Marie said...

Do it!! The green purse is adorable.

Lilly Anne said...

Haha what's with the middle purse? XD

I really like the yellow and white purse ^o^

Heidi Rose said...

You can't zoom in, so I'll just tell you what it says. There's a little girl and a woman. The little girl is saying, "I got you a gift." And the woman is saying, "WHY YOU WASTE MONEY!!!"

nicole addison said...

ohh i wish i could pass some of my addiction to purses onto you so i didnt have so many! these are lovely, good luck on winning! :)

Amy Lauren said...

I LOVE that green purse. I totally know what you mean tho, I was always a t-shirts-and-jeans-go-to-school-with-my-hair-wet kind of girl, but it's pointless to carry a purse around high school.. so it's ok :)

DT said...

The second one is so damn cute! :o)