Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Way I See It #1

When it comes to routine, I have embraced the belief (begotten through philosopher Amos Bronson Alcott) of "the less routine, the more life." A belief which I hope many people grasp and apply in their own lives, and I am in no way parting with. That said, you may have noticed that I do not usually follow a routine with this blog- I post when I have time and something to say, I post about whatever comes to mind, and I don't have any constant features.

I still plan on posting when I have time, on writing whatever I want,
I have decided to add a weekly feature -every Wednesday- for you to count on and expect, because honestly, I enjoy being able to count on and expect features on other blogs. I mean, anyone who has read Oh, Mishka for over a week knows and delights in her '5 Things' posts every Friday.

My feature is inspired by the refreshing "The Way I See It" quotes on Starbucks cups. Instead of quotes from other people (though I'll have some of those too), I will be putting in my own words of wisdom. Don't worry; I'll try to keep them simple (resist rambling!).

So, in an effort to resist further unnecessary explanation (because we're so smart and don't need it), here is my first installment:

"If I only know one thing about life, it's this: Life is all about balance.

Every kind of peace come from this; if peace is what you desire, balance is what you need to focus on."

-Heidi Rose Krill


DT said...

Wonderful!! now i'll be waiting for Wednesdays :o) and your quote is so very true..

The Girl in the Orange Background said...

Great idea! I love quotes and phrases. I'll probably drink my morning coffee at my office while analyzing your phrase, as if it was on a Starbucks cup :P

Amy Lauren said...

Good advice, Heidi! It's so true, balance is essential.

Enep said...

Good post! Lovely blog anw :--}

Heidi Rose said...

I love how supportive you guys are. :)
How I wish I could bake you guys cookies and dole them out... I'm a really good baker.

Katie Marie said...

Man, I wish I had learned this a couple of years ago. I'm just starting to appreciate listening to customers stories at my coffee shop. People are so interesting.

prashant said...

I'll probably drink my morning coffee at my office while analyzing your phrase
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