Friday, October 9, 2009


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It doesn't escape attention that we love each other. We are in a state of friendship where one person will be friends with another person who's friends with someone else, and we are all connected in a chain of comradery. And we like our friends so much, that we pick up little traits here and there. We start to laugh like them. We pick up their body language. We use the words they use. We become one. It's wonderful, and in little ways... it's not.
Using the same vocabulary gets a little monotonous.
How many times can you say, "awesome!" and have it keep its weight?

I propose that we go out and add new words to our repertoire. Maybe by reading the Word of the Day on Or maybe by flipping through the thin pages of the dictionary and where-your-finger-stops-nobody-knows. Maybe even by getting all chummy with the thesaurus and letting it share generations of knowledge with you. And even if... say, even these words spread throughout that huge chain of friendship and likeness... we'll all sound a little more intellectual for the experience.

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DT said...

good idea heidi...