Thursday, November 5, 2009

"60 and Main" and Other Pieces

This week has been so busy, because of musical rehearsal and bustling to get homework done by the end of the quarter. I am ecstatic to tell you that yesterday and today were great work days for me. I received an A on my creative writing journal, I started and finished an amazing little painting plus two other art pieces, and I have been nominated by my CR teacher as students of the month for my hard work! I don't have school tomorrow, and so today is an even bigger relief than normal.

"60 and Main"
This is a street intersection in my hometown, done in the amazing style of Leonid Afremov. This piece turned out so well that I have decided to make 'Street Scenes' my concentration in my art class. That means half of my pieces will be based on that theme. I got a bunch of compliments on this piece, and had two people even ask me to do a painting for them, and they would pay me. Reasons for my switch of concentration? I think it should be apparent.

"Figures in Sketch"
These are figure drawings of other students in my art class. I apologize that the picture is not very focused, but you get the general idea. I experimented with new kinds of pencil, and chalk to complete this piece. It was a bit empty, so I added floral themes for each figure, and had them intermingle.

My third piece will be displayed on Lola Everyday, tomorrow. ;)

Tomorrow, new playlist!
Have a great Friday!


Lilly Anne said...

Oooooooh, I can't wait! ;)

Melissa said...

I absolutely adore the street scene. Adore it.

Katie Marie said...

Okay, before I read your post I definitely thought that you got those pictures off of some random website. That is, until I squinted my eyes and saw your name scribbled in the bottom corner. Um... amazing work! To me, you're already famous :p

Kelly Renee said...

Post your drawings on Deviantart now please.

The Girl in the Orange Background said...

wow I didn't know you painted! I love the street scene, and yes please do more because I love urban paintings/photography. :) Congrats on your accomplishments, Heidi!