Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Way I See It #7

Many times it has happened that I have disliked someone for a very small reason, whether because they hardly smile or because the one time I heard them speak, it was to complain. But really, I feel that whatever the reason, it falls under this impression: That person doesn't care. Now many times, my original assumption has been proven wrong in as quick as a second. How? Maybe they smiled at me. Or spoke kindly to me. Maybe they even gave me a hug. Most of the people I don't like, I don't like just because I don't think they like me. And who wants to like someone who doesn't like them? The thing is, this is a two-way street. Someone has to crack a smile first. Why should you have to wait? Make the first move.

"No human can truly dislike someone whom they feel cares about them, if only a little."

-Heidi Rose Krill


Kelly Renee said...

I know what you mean. Sometimes I don't like someone because they just don't seem that nice. But then they smile at me or compliment my outfit someway and I suddenly like them.

It's the little things...

Melissa said...

It's honestly kind of like a defense mechanism. If you avoid the people who don't seem to like you (even if because they simply don't smile), you're avoiding a whole world of hurt because you don't put yourself out there first.

It's rather simple, really.

The crux of the issue is that it becomes a vicious cycle with neither wanting to break first. Because who ever cracks the smile first is opening themselves up, even if for only a moment, to the possibility of being hurt.

So it kind of comes to courage in the end. Do you have the courage to make the first move?

Janice said...

yes yes yes! i completely agree with everything you just said

Brigitte said...

There are very few people i don't like, because I always take the time to know them before judging. Judging is a last resort. But usually, if I don't like someone, I don't bother them. No one deserves to be treated badly just because you don't like that person. Everyone has flaws, and it's something you have to accept about the people you meet. Some, more challenging than others.

Those are my words of wisdom!
Learn to speak with the people you don't like. Learn their language and eventually, you'll find they're more tolerable than you think!