Sunday, December 13, 2009

Chatting Over Coffee

So imagine we meet for coffee at a cute little coffee shop, Sweet Beans. We rush inside to escape the light snow flurry, and our cold noses and pink cheeks immediately warm from the wave of heat coming off the fireplace on the side. We smile at each other, equally relieved by the existence of this little safe haven. I gesture to the excessively cushioned seats near the fire, you nod, and after plopping our insulated winter coats and scarves onto our seats, effectively marking them as 'occupied', we order our drinks. Carrying hot cups foaming at the top with pure goodness, we make our way back to the little nook we've created and settle in for a long chat.

For my part, this is what I say:

"I love Sundays for, let's say, three reasons. For one- it's the beginning of a new week. Call me silly, but it just gives me this feeling of a fresh start, every time. Okay, for two, it's so relaxed. Everybody's just sitting around their houses, sleeping or doing something equally relieving. And for three,'s not Monday yet.

"I just bought this new box of Twinings Irish breakfast tea. I can't wait to try it - every morning before school, I make myself either coffee or tea. It's really nice. Kind of gets me into the mode. I'm definitely becoming more of a morning person because of it.

"Oh, I meant to tell you- I think you know that I read Eat Pray Love a few weeks ago? You should read it, it's so good. Well, I read in a magazine yesterday that the author, Elizabeth Gilbert, is just coming out with a new book called Committed. There was a little half-page article about it, and it's basically about marriage. I'm really looking forward to reading it now. Otherwise I've just started another book called Into the Wild. It's like a biography of a man who was really well-to-do and had just graduated with fantastic grades from college and then he just donated all his money to a charity and lived off the land for a while. It's really interesting..."

What do you say?


Lilly Anne said...

[you talk]

*knowing chuckle* "Precisely! Sundays are wonderful, given that you still have the reassurance that Monday has still not reared its ugly head. I don't exactly feel it's the beginning of a new week; it has the strong sadness of knowing the weekend will soon be over, and school and work and all that jazz starts over again." *makes dismissive gesture with hand* "I don't really feel the effectiveness of a Sunday until I realize it is time to almost go to sleep." *sips caramel apple coffee*

[you talk]

*shrugs* "Mornings...I'm not really sure if I'm a morning person or not. I'm never a zombie or anything (in this book I'm reading they spell 'zombie' as 'zombii'), but I'm not all chipper, either. I guess it depends. If I had a great dream or a good rest outside of the norm -which has happened now and then - I sometimes smile at kids in the hallways, and beam at teachers now and then. Always, no matter how my morning started, by the afternoon I'm whistling down the hallways to my next classes, or joking and laughing with my friends. This one teacher commented once on an occasion such as this - 'There goes Miss Krill, always whistling and smiling.' I beamed at them, too.
"Ever since the beginning of December, though, it's been kind of stressful. I have two concerts, different assignments to hand in at different times, a birthday party to attend, a big presentation to...present, and now I have to ask Daddy for lunch money tomorrow!" *sigh* "Now listen to me, I'm babbling. Read any good books lately?"

[you talk]

*makes a face and you give me a look* "What? Okay, I suppose it's a good book," *shrug* "I like...magic in my books. Scifi, suspense, mystery, intriguing characters and plots, and all that jazz. I like...books that have humor and jokes, and cleverness with some quaint characters. I read books that have something inside them that has a topic I like, or has something I want to learn. For example, I flipped to the middle of Eat Pray Love and read this great part of how the main character was learning Italian and how she was describing it. It made me like the language more; I have currently read some books that feature Italy (New Moon, Tempted, Brimstone), and I become more curious about this place." *stretches and looks around and smiles*

"It seems that we have both finished our coffees. While we finish up, do you want to tell me how you found this delectable place? It's really adorable..."

(Comments: Haha. Heidi, you wanted a long conversation, so I gave it to ya..)

Amy Lauren said...

*stares into the flickering fireplace while listening to you talk about Sundays, trying not to interrupt you at every point I agree with what you're saying, must wait my turn!*

"I totally agree, Sundays are amazing - it's the only day that I can sleep in and accomplish nothing and still feel great about myself. You know, I never used to feel that way, but as I get older, Sundays seem to stand out more as a day I totally earned during the week - and it's great because most people feel the same way so it's the best time to relax with other people too, Sunday's are totally open to spontaneous adventures! In fact, Sundays are so refreshing, it makes waking up on Monday mornings not bad at all!"

*Sips caramel machiatto and unwraps scarf from around neck - it's getting toasty by the fire!*

"I was doing real well with becoming a morning person this fall, but lately I've been indulging in sleeping in... but I know what you mean - I'm so much more productive in the morning, especially if I make myself coffee or tea. That Irish breakfast tea sounds delicious though!"

*listens to Heidi while we test each other's drinks - good choice Heidi - delicious!*

"I did check the book out from the library but unfortunately it sat on my shelf for 2 months.. it is on my list of books to read though! I never used to be much into non-fiction but lately I have been intrigued by it.. I just need to set aside the time to read! You should make a list of books you'd recommend for me to read though..."