Wednesday, December 9, 2009


This is a video I just watched for the first time yesterday. I love Lady Gaga's music, and I admire her courage in the things she does. :)

There was no post yesterday because my mind was consumed by Jane Eyre, which I
FINISHED!!! And yes, it was good. I recommend it. To everyone.

Today I am thankful for hot chocolate packets (Seldom does anyone have time to home-make real hot chocolate), snow days, sleeping in, and short term memory (or I would never have seen my cell phone again- it was on the floor between a bed and a bookcase).


Katie Marie said...

Wow! You guys got a lot of snow! Did you go play outside today?

S and O said...

ooh yes I love Jane Eyre!
I saw the movie before I read the book and I was like 'whooooa' I gotta read this:)

and hey I think your blog post must be rubbing off on me because guess what I'm having for dinner?
Alfredo and shrimp:)

I like that paparazzi song gaga has, it got stuck in my head and now I can't forget it! going to watch your vid after this...


Lilly Anne said...

Snow Day's are awesome ^^

alissa said...

snowy here too! not quite as bad as some areas of the country though!

Amy Lauren said...

I was here! hi!

Amy Lauren said...

WHOA to lady gaga. I love her too, her music is great - and that music video is insane! she looks so different than usual..