Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"Wow! I really haven't posted for a while!"

to celebrate Rupert Grint's birthday, here's a picture of my lunch. What? You don't think that's celebratory enough?

Seems from the date on my last post that I've really taken my sweet time to update my blog, and oh, it has been sweet. So, yeah! I started college! Whoo! Thus far I'm lovin' it. I hear a lot of people say that dorm life is an experience to be had so that you appreciate what comes after it (apparently all the people I hang around with hate living in small rooms and having to walk down the hall to shower and use the toilet-WEIRD); but here's my opinion: BIG IMPROVEMENT.

Things that are better at Edgewood than at Home:
-water pressure
-water that gets more than 'really warm'
-no iron in said water, and branching off of that...
-I no longer have to be afraid to wash my clothes (especially whites)

Non-water related things that are better:
-consistent food source (I have seriously been taking less food than I normal and I am still STUFFED- Three meals a day? YES, FOR REAL! ACTUAL MEALS!)
-proximity to Katie and Amy
-new people (now that I'm making new friends, I have been steadily hiding 90% of the Hartford people from my facebook news feed)
-I've been hearing exponentially less about you-know-what (at least Kelly and Lilly do)
-awesome new bed in a room with actual fans (so long, stuffy Hartford bedroom!)
-Edgewood gave me ETD protection for my computer (so it doesn't get pregnant with spam and viruses)
-cool new stuff (thanks go out to anyone who contributed to making my new room so awesome)

Pictures of my cool new stuff are forthcoming- just thought I'd do a little something to keep interwebs and virtual dust from forming on my blog. :)
little note for Kelly and Lilly: I miss you guys (you will appear later in the list of things that are better about home), and I am sorry that you guys still have to eat whenever you can find food and have a slow computer that keeps needing virus-abortions.
I can't wait until I have a webcam and can watch =3 episodes while simultaneously watching your expression as you watch it in Hartford at the same time.
What, you're not looking forward to that?


Katie Marie said...

Oh Heidi, you make Hartford sound terrible! It's not so bad.

Katie Marie said...

(However, I'm really glad you like Edgewood :) It's a big step coming from a small town to a new place, bigger responsibilities and more diversity- enjoy!)

Heidi Rose said...

Katie: Thanks. I really don't think Hartford is a bad place, I am just overjoyed with certain improvements. I love that suddenly I am in a new place, starting over.

Lilly Anne said...

You-know-what? You mean...VOLDEMORT'S RETURN?

Haha, nah, I know what you're talking about. Funnily enough, 'Voldemort's return' could very well be a metaphor for something related to the you-know-what that you speak of...

Awesome. Equals Three is so funny. I think I'm going to watch some more episodes right now for the fun of it.

Kelly Renée said...

I also thought "you-know-what" meant Voldemort. xD

Sounds like you're living the life up there in Madison, Heidi. I'm jealous.