Saturday, August 7, 2010

Yesterday and Today

Since yesterday I had the pleasure of going to the beach and tanning my right shoulder, (and saying hi to someone I know in Madison), I decided that today I ought to get some real work done.

And since this morning I actually had the AMAZING OPPORTUNITY to clean Kiwi's litter (you have no idea how many things can put this activity off- I can't empty the litter outside because I'll let mosquitoes in, my dad's home and he hates the smell of it, etc.), that's what I did.

In fact, I cleaned his whole corner (before pictures are too disturbing)!
Now it's time for a cup of coffee, and maybe I'll get on to cleaning under the couch or organizing my desk drawer (all part of my plan to clean my room out completely before I go off to Hogwarts).


Kelly Renée said...

You only tanned your right shoulder? Umm, haha.

Kiwi looks so happy now!! When you go off to college I'll probably do some cool stuff with your room to make me go in their more and then let Kiwi out. I'm not too keen on cleaning litters and cages though... That'll be Moma's job. Haha. Before you leave we should give him a bath! (Not saying he smells, just that it's been a while.)

Katie Marie said...

Am I the person you said 'hi' to in Madison? I sure hope so.

I've never seen Kiwi's cage so clean! Nice work Heidi-pocket.

Heidi Rose said...

Kelly: I was joking, since you can only see my right shoulder in the picture.

Katie: I thought it would be funny to downplay the whole reason why we were visiting Madison- you!

Lilly Anne said...

Good job cleaning!

Katie Marie said...

Ah, I see. So you were basically there visiting the coolest person in the world. Excellent.