Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Friday!

Happy Street by Leonid Afremov

Once again, I am SUPER DUPER HAPPY it's Friday! And friends, this is happiness that cannot be contained! MUST SHARE! It actually was delivered to me anonymously, with a label saying "Hey, Heidi! Here's some happiness! Just make sure to share it!" Okay, Universe, sure I will!

I'm a girl of my word, yo. First off, the picture above is by my favorite artist. I just love the use of color, and this particular piece seemed to be just right for my post. A testament to how beautiful a rainy evening can be.
Second off (imagine a mental list checking itself off as I go along, how silly), I need to tell you about the little treasure of a blog, Diamond in the Rough, which led me to another great blog, For the Easily Distracted, where I was led to THIS: (O.O) {awesome, right?}

Okay: Third! I have decided to put a playlist on the blog with 8 (because it seemed to fit the best) songs I am loving and dancing to right now. Hope you likey! If it works out, I plan on changing the eight songs every week.

And finally, you guys rock! You're beautiful and thoughtful and you make the world a better place! Now go out and enjoy your weekend! :^D


Amy Lauren said...

I LOVE that picture. Wish I had it in poster size for my wall :) colors are great!

Katie Marie said...

That is such a beautiful picture. How can you not be happy looking at those warm yellows and oranges? Also, I love rainy days :)

Lilly Anne said...

You're so happy! ^^

nicole addison said...

just reading your posts makes me smile! you are such a sweetheart! have a wonderful weekend lady :)